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BASIC CYIA Resources

CYIA 2023 Handbook

The CYIA Handbook is a guide for what you should expect to experience during the week of training. It contains important policies designed to enhance your training. It covers schedules, what coaching and practicums are like, clothing guidelines, guy/girl relationships during CYIA and technology use.

Policies cannot replace the heart. Our prayer is for these policies to be seen as guidelines to help us focus our time doing what CYIA is designed to do: developing leaders by challenging you in your relationship with Jesus, and to train and equip you to share the Gospel with children in your community. 

If you have any questions about any of these policies, please contact your chapter director or Ryan Folken.

2023 Handbooks

Medical Release

A new medical release is required each year for participation in CEF activities. Please download the release and fill out the information. The medical release form does not need to be notarized starting the 2023 calendar year.



SOF / Worker’s compliance

The CEF Statement of Faith (SOF) reflects a non-denominational position. The attached worker’s compliance form helps you to understand how to work with others who may agree with the SOF but differ because of denominational differences. You can find an online version of this form HERE.

Child Protection Policy

Please read and affirm the CEF Child protection policy.


If you are over 18 years old and are applying for CYIA, please download and complete the Confidential Screening Form (background check). You can find the print form HERE. You can fill out the online version HERE.

If you are under 18 years old, please complete the screening process found in the CYIA application.


CEF Nebraska is excited to open the short-term urban missionary project to all CYIA students in Nebraska!

The North & South Omaha Blitz weeks are targeted in areas without a strong CEF presence and very few 5-Day Clubs. These are also areas that expand the diversity of traditional 5DC outreach. The prayer is for the Lord to use these interactions to spread the work of CEF into these strategic areas with increasing population growth.

You can indicate your interest in participating in the Blitz urban outreach experience in your CYIA Application. If you would like to sign up later, you can contact the CEF chapter director, Esther Beasley, to get more information.


The 5DC Blitz is a one week commitment. Teens are dropped off at a central location at 12:00 pm each day. Each group will do up to three clubs and get fed dinner (and possibly lunch). Parents can pick up kids back at the same location at 8:30pm.

This is seen as a CYIA+ experience for students who attend CYIA Central. This means that though the opportunity is open to all Nebraska CYIA students, CEF Omaha will reach out to your chapter director before finalizing your registration, so make sure to speak with your chapter director about your interest in the Blitz. It will also not be counted against your four 5DC commitment without their approval.

CEF Omaha can try to assist with lodging arrangements by letting other Blitz participants know you are interested in staying with a host family for this ministry experience. CEF Omaha, however, cannot take responsibility for any lodging arrangements. 


There are definitely costs associated with the Blitz week. Some of these costs are provided by donors to the event who have a passion for reaching these communities. However, as a CYIA student, your time and energy are a huge sacrifice and there is no additional fee for you to be part of this effort.

If you would like to donate to this ministry, or would know of other individuals with the same passion, please contact Esther Beasley and she will provide you with the information to make this kind of donation.

Does involvement in the Blitz count against my four (4) 5DC club commitment?

Because CEF Omaha is the sponsor of this outreach, any CYIA East student is able to participate and it will count toward the 5DC club commitment made by CYIA students.

Our heart, though, is to reach the entire state of Nebraska. Students from other parts of the state are more than welcome to join this additional experience in this urban ministry environment in Omaha, but we do not want this to come at the cost of reaching children in your own communities. Because of this, if you would like to participate in the Blitz, you must speak with your chapter director to get their approval. If all 5DCs are staffed by CYIA students in your own area, the Blitz clubs may count against your four club commitment, but this is at the discretion of your local chapter director. 

If my student comes from another part of the state, where would they stay?

CEF Omaha staff is not able to provide housing for additional students across the state. However, many students participating in the Blitz would love to host your student for the week. CEF Omaha can facilitate this process, but cannot be responsible for student lodging. 

The supper meal is provided for the students each day. Lunch may be provided. If your student desires to participate, then, they will need to provide their own breakfast and possibly a lunch for each day, Monday-Friday. 

Are these traditional 5-Day Clubs?

The Blitz clubs are run Monday-Thursday with a final rally on Friday for all the clubs. Because they are in an urban environment unfamiliar to some CYIA students, additional training is given throughout the week.

Is there an age limit to blitz participation?

The Blitz is open to any age of student as long as they have attended CYIA.



If you are over 14 years old or older, you are eligible to enter the CYIA Paid Student Missionary program. This program allows you to receive a modest stipend per club you complete during the summer.

It is designed to help defray basic costs associated with the 5DC program during the summer months. Some of these are gas costs, vehicle maintenance costs and replacement of other potential income students may rely on during the summer months.


What does the process look like?

APPLICATION FORM: After you receive your CYIA acceptance notification, you can fill out the online application for the paid summer missionary program. This helps us organize the students who are in this program and the needed follow-ups through the summer.

TAX FORMS: Once you are approved for the paid summer missionary program there will be tax forms to fill out. You will receive an I9 and a W4. When you send these to the CEF Nebraska office, we then must file them with the state of Nebraska. The state of Nebraska considers this position a type of employment and we are required to treat it as we would any other CEF employee.



FUNDRAISING LETTERS: You will need to send at least twenty-five (25) fundraising letters. We have a template you can use to make the process easier. You will give a list of these twenty-five supporters to the state office via an online form. This is required because everyone who is ’employed’ by CEF is required to raise funds for their support.

TIMESHEET: Following your summer 5DC missions experiences, you will turn in a form to CEF Nebraska (email can be found on the time sheet itself). Once turned in and approved, you will receive an hourly rate subject to the minimum wage laws and other employment laws in the state of Nebraska for all clubs done through the summer.

THANK YOU LETTERS: At the end of the summer, we ask you to send out another letter to the same group of individuals you sent your fundraising letters to. These letters are thank-you letters and a chance for you to tell your prayer and financial supporters about what the Lord did through your summer. Again, a template will be provided for you to use in giving these reports to make the process easier.



If you have more questions about the CYIA paid student missionary program, please contact Ryan Folken, the CYIA State Director at 402-281-OneThreeEightSixor ryan@cefnebraska.org.


How much should I expect to receive in this program?

The program is designed to offset costs and provide a modest amount of income for those involved in CYIA activities for students who rely on summer income. Because of this, the minimum wage, as set by the state of Nebraska, is the starting rate. With each year of CYIA completed, there is a small increase.

Is there a limit of how many clubs I can do during the summer?

Every CYIA student commits to completing at least four (4) 5DCs during the summer. This is the minimum commitment for this program as well.

However, as a paid summer missionary participant, you are welcome to be involved in as many clubs as the Lord allows. Each one will be compensated in the same way.

How many "hours" will I be paid for a 5DC?

Each 5DC is counted as 10 total hours. The club itself is designed to run 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours). You are also expected to be at club at least 15 minutes early and to remain for a post-club evaluation that typically runs at least 15 minutes. This makes 2 hours per day, 10 hours per week (2hrs x 5days). 2 hours per day, per club, is the maximum amount of time, even if the club interactions go longer.

What happens if I do not raise enough support to cover my income?

By law, funds given by donors cannot be allocated to specific individuals. All funds are donated to a pool of support. Some students will raise more than their needed amount. Some students will raise less. We believe the Lord is in this process and has always provided enough support for the students participating.

Funds received by your supporters, though, are tracked to your account. If there is a shortfall following the summer, we would ask that you prayerfully consider telling your supporters this in your follow-up thank-you letter. The Lord may use this to provide the needed funds. Our model is to “Ask God. Tell His People.”

Can my student participate if they are under 14 years old?

We are required to follow the guidelines of the state of Nebraska for this program. The state has set 14 years old as the minimum age required for this kind of activity.


CYIA Nebraska Scholarship

The CYIA Nebraska scholarship is available to all students not enrolled in the paid summer missionary program. This $100.00 scholarship (minimum) will provide support for students to make CYIA more affordable.


What does the process look like?

1. FILL OUT THE APPLICATION. The sign up form is simple and quick. Participation in the CYIA Nebraska scholarship is already approved for those who would like to enroll.

2. RECEIVE YOUR SUPPORT LETTER TEMPLATE. These templates will be sent to you via email once you enroll. Please take the time to personalize your template before sending them to your support team.

3. SEND YOUR SUPPORT LETTERS TO YOUR SUPPORT TEAM. You will send out your support letters to your CYIA support team, at least 10 individuals who you believe may be interested in supporting your CYIA training and 5DC Gospel outreach. These letters must be sent by April 15, 2023! 

4. SEND YOUR CYIA SUPPORT TEAM LIST. You will need to send a list of the individuals on your CYIA support team to Ryan Folken. Though giving instructions and a response form will be included in your support letters, sometimes these instructions are not followed. If funds are received from these individuals, it will be easier to identify the student they are supporting if we have this list available.

Once your parents affirm these letters have been sent, you will receive a $100.00 credit against the cost of CYIA. If more support than $100.00 is received from your letters, this will also be applied to your account, up to the entire cost of CYIA. These funds must be received by May 15, 2023. Any outstanding balance will need to be fully paid by May 18, 2023.

5. SEND THANK YOU NOTES TO YOUR SUPPORTERS. Once support is received from your support team, we would ask for you to send thank you notes to them following your CYIA experience. You can tell them what their support accomplished in your life through the CYIA training opportunity. A thank-you note template can be provided for you to personalize.



If you have more questions about the CYIA Nebraska scholarship, please contact Ryan Folken, the CYIA State Director at 402-281-OneThreeEightSix or ryan@cefnebraska.org.


What are the april 15, may 15 and May 18 due dates?

April 15, 2023: the date by which support letters must be sent. May 15, 2023: the date any financial support letters received will be credited to your account. May 18, 2023: All payments for CYIA must be received by this time.

Just a reminder: we will not be accepting funds for CYIA at registration this year so that our CYIA teaching staff can be fully engaged with the students all week long.

What is my CYIA support team?

Your support team are 10 individuals you know who may wish to support your summer training experience and the 5DCs you will be leading.

These individuals will need to read your information, pray about supporting you financially, and send their support before the CYIA payment deadline, which is May 18.

All funds received before May 15, 2023 will be credited to your account, up to the full cost of CYIA.

WHAT IF I do not raise $100.00 in support for CYIA through my support letters?

Your account will receive $100.00 for participating in this program, regardless of what is received through your support team. It is our prayer the Lord will provide these funds for each student through this process, though.


This is a first for CEF Nebraska to run these programs at the same time. Both are ways of helping to defray basic costs for CYIA and the costs of summer ministry. Because of this, we are limiting enrollment to one program or the other. This may change in 2024. If you have any questions, please direct them to Ryan Folken.

What happens to support raised that exceeds the amount for CYIA?

If an individual student raises more than the actual cost of CYIA through their letters, these funds will provide flexibility to allow us to reduce the cost of CYIA in future years or likely may be used to support other students to attend CYIA that current year.


Because this is a simplified scholarship program, and requires no interaction with the state, all students accepted into CYIA are eligible for this program.

Can more than one student from the same house participate?

Yes! Who you send the letters to is up to you. We would ask, if possible, that you not send letters to the same individuals for each student. For example, if you have two students attending CYIA, send letters to 20 individuals rather than two letters to 10 individuals.

CYIA Costs Information

CYIA 2023 Costs

CYIA 2023 for all Nebraska trainings are $325.00. These costs cover the rental of the training facility, food for the week, summer curriculum kits, CYIA t-shirt, and all printing costs.

The payments for all CYIA trainings (Central & East) will be sent to the CEF Nebraska state office. You are also free to connect with your local chapter director if you have any questions.


CEF Nebraska
6400 Cornhusker Hwy Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68507

You can find the online giving form HERE.

Funds received for CYIA and associated costs are not tax-deductible.


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: For those students who apply before March 31, 2023, a $25.00 discount will be applied.

SIBLING DISCOUNT: The second and following students who apply from the same family will receive a discount of $25.00. For example, the first student from a family to apply for CYIA will be charged $325.00. The second (and following) students from the same family to apply will be charged $300.00. 

These discounts can be added together. For multi-student families who register for CYIA before March 31, 2023, the first student will be $300.00 and following students will be $275.00.


  • Application Forms Open (Student & Staff): Jan. 1, 2023 
  • Early Bird Registration: March 31, 2023
  • CYIA Nebraska Scholarship Letters Sent: April 15, 2023
  • East Application: April 17, 2023 (Student & Staff)
  • Central Staff Application: April 28, 2023
  • Central Student Application: May 12, 2023
  • CYIA Nebraska Scholarship Support Received: May 15, 2023
  • East & Central CYIA Fees Due: May 18, 2023
    • $25 late fee applies May 19, 2023
    • CYIA cancellation if not received by May 25, 2023


What should I expect this process to look like?

Once you apply through the online CYIA student application, you will need to submit your $50.00 non-refundable deposit. You should expect to receive a welcome letter, printed copies of all needed CYIA forms, invoice and further instructions in a letter soon after submitting your deposit.

You can make payments to cover the remaining costs or submit a full payment at any time. 

Once your CYIA training is fully funded, you will receive a letter indicating your CYIA costs are paid in full.

Is there a deadline to get all cyia costs submitted?

Yes. All funds must be received by May 18, 2023. There will be a $25.00 late fee applied following Thursday, May 18. All student applications must be received by Friday, May 12. If funds are not received by May 25, 2023, your CYIA registration will be removed.

Why is there an CYIA application and payment deadline?

In order to do evaluation group assignments, cabin assignments, and order food and other curriculum supplies for CYIA we need to have an accurate number of students who are planning on attending the training. We also need to order CYIA t-shirts, print notebooks and arrange for activities. It is important for us to have the funds to purchase needed supplies for CYIA. The May 18, 2023 deadline for all student applications and CYIA fees to be submitted will help the CYIA leadership to accurately assess our needs for the training and be prepared for the students when they arrive.

Can I get help to cover the cost of CYIA?

YES! CYIA is different than most summer experiences in that it is a missionary training program. It is a training experience and outreach program many Christians want to support as it furthers the Gospel witness in their own area.  

OPTION #1 – FUNDRAISING: You are able to send out support letters to family, friends and your Church to help raise support for CYIA! We have a customizable template available for those who would like to send these out. Many Churches are excited to provide these funds to equip those in their body to share the Gospel and to receive the teacher training CYIA provides.

OPTION #2 – SCHOLARSHIPS: We do have a limited number of scholarships available. These are partial scholarships for families who are having financial difficulty in raising funds for CYIA.

Our desire is for every student who has a heart to share the Gospel and is willing to be trained at CYIA, to be able to come. Please reach out to your local chapter director or Ryan Folken if you would like more information about these opportunities.