Church Partnership

More Families Connected to your Church

Serving you, pastor, and churches to reach 100-150 new children (25 families) in a year!

Our goal is to serve alongside pastors to accomplish the vision and mission of their local churchWe come to you! Pastor/teachers and evangelists were given to the local church “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…” (Ephesians 4:11-12).  Pastor, we can be your friend to help share the load of evangelizing and equipping / training without adding to your current load of ministry.

A passion for the Gospel

Our passion for helping equip the Church encompasses evangelism training, various evangelistic outreach opportunities, and children’s workers training.  Our training and outreach opportunities are for everyone in the church, no matter their age.

Training for Churches

Child Evangelism Fellowship is serious about training believers to effectively evangelize and disciple children. We offer a variety of options for your church from online courses for groups or individuals to customized on-site training with over 35 dynamic workshops. These workshops are geared to meet the needs and situations of children’s workers or even parents with children.

Training events include:

  • Teaching a Bible lesson
  • Counseling a child for salvation
  • Teaching a memory verse or song
  • Orderly classrooms (discipline)
  • More: Download the Workshop Brochure and Workshop Descriptions

Teacher Enrichment and Training Seminars Brochure

Workshop Descriptions

Your local CEF director is ready with the training to help your church ministry to the children in your neighborhoods!

Last year in CEF worldwide ministries we shared the Gospel with over 19.9 million children around the world. Over 6.7 million of those children placed their faith and trust in Christ after speaking to a counselor who had been trained in how to lead a child to Christ.

Hand Painting Outreach and Training

Providing free Gospel hand painting (face painting) is a fun and practical way for your church to share the gospel with children – and it is a great way to help your people become more fluent in the Gospel!

Gospel hand painting can be a great attraction to a church booth, closing VBS program, city festival, county fair, or even a family reunion. Let us assist your congregation in becoming fluent in sharing the Gospel utilizing a variety of methods and tools.

Come and join us at the Nebraska State Fair!

A few hand painting examples are shown on the picture.

Click the photo to the right to watch an example of Gospel Hand Painting.


Teaching Children Effectively

TCE I and TCE II are a 30-hour college credited courses, designed to offer a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching children. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the courses provide the methods and procedures to lead children to Christ, and immediately equips the believer to begin and sustain an evangelist/discipleship ministry where he lives.

Some of the classes are:

  • The Child in the New Testament
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Missions
  • The Importance of the Teacher
  • Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation
  • Visual Communication in Teaching
  • Teaching Children to Pray
  • Teaching Children a Daily Quiet Time