Volunteers can serve in different ways, according to your spiritual gifts and interests:

  • Hosting a 5-Day Club in your home or yard
  • Hosting a one-time Party Club in your home
  • Serving on a Good News Club team
  • Sending your teenager to Christian Youth in Action
  • Serving on the state board or local committee
  • Becoming a prayer warrior
  • Becoming a monthly donor
  • Promoting CEF in your local church

All volunteers are required to:

We reserve the right to make final decisions regarding the acceptance of volunteers.

All forms must be completed, a background check completed, and approval given from the CEF office before you can begin volunteering.  This is for the protection of the volunteer(s), CEF, the school district, and especially the children.  Thank you for understanding.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us! We will be happy to get you started and answer any questions you might have.