Invest for Eternity – #Giving Tuesday

Impact more children with the Gospel

Each day in America

4 children are killed by abuse or neglect; 21 children or teens die from car accidents; 167 children are arrested for violent crimes 1,903 children are confirmed as abused or neglected; 4,396 babies are born to unmarried mothers ~ 2015 stats from Children’s Defense Fund

CEF is making an emotional and spiritual difference in the lives of some of these children!  Every week over 750 children are being impacted with the Gospel and most of them in a public elementary school!

We need your help to reach even more children with the addition of staff.  We must have additional funds to hire more staff because there is not enough in our current funds to hire more.

Your gift will help provide for additional staff, who will reach more children with the Gospel, and thus make a difference on eternity.  These children will be reached by someone and will spend eternity somewhere.  We desire them to be in heaven!

Will you give generously not only today, but even beyond?  Help us reach this immediate $15,000 goal.

Thank you in advance for your obedience to what the Lord lays on your heart!