CEF and the children of Nebraska say THANK YOU to these sponsors!

Thank you for joining us and making an eternal difference in the lives of children connecting them to Jesus and the Word of God!  It is because of friends like YOU that the lives of children and their families are being transformed!

Please take moment to thank these sponsors and support them with your business!


Sponsors Making a Positive Difference in Our Community!

Tag Ink & Thread (Lincoln, NE) provides t-shirts for CEF ministries!

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) – It is all about the children.  Jesus praises the innocent faith of a child and children are held in high esteem by our Savior throughout the Bible.  I know I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home but many today are not.  The future of society is in the hands of today’s youth and who isn’t afraid of what is to come based on what is seen in today’s culture.  Today’s children are subject to far more attacks from Social Media and media in general than at any time in our history.  It used to be the family circle that raised our children but today more and more children do not have a strong family culture that they can rely on.  That is where CEF comes in, they help fill that gap from a biblical basis, not just preaching to kids who may never see the inside of a church, but going to where the kids are.  If we can reach the children when they are young, there is a much better chance that they will turn to Christ in their time of need.  We all need the FAITH OF A LITTLE Child and CEF plants that seed when it is most likely to take root and grow.  ~ Mark Wittmann, previous owner

Dr. Shane Davidson, at NOVO Chiropractic, mission is to humbly serve the community with specific scientific neurologically based Chiropractic care to be free of nerve interference and experience renewed health.

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Compass Roofing serves Central Nebraska with a dedicated team of local Nebraska roofing professionals.  They specialize in storm damage including: high wind damage, heavy rain, downed trees, snow and ice damming.  Contact Compass Roofing for your weather related roofing concerns.

Compass Roofing provided sponsorship for 1,000 Bibles to be given to children at the Nebraska State Fair!  Thank you!

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Contact us for sponsorship opportunities and help make a greater difference in your community.

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Contact us for sponsorship opportunities and help make a greater difference in your community.


The most spiritually productive harvest field anywhere is among the children. Statistics show that the great majority of people who accept Christ do so between the ages of four and fourteen – when they are children.


“CEF reaches out to the little ones to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.”



Brad, Via Facebook

“I have worked with the team at CEF for the past few years. Great group of people.”



Nathan, Via Facebook

“We so appreciate CEF!.”


Pastor Scott C.

“My wife and I “found” CEF and began to teach/host Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs as soon as we found these wonderful tools, and we delighted in the chance to support the CEF ministry.”


Richard L.